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Best Cities for Coffee Lovers

The last two decades have seen a global coffee revolution, with people becoming increasingly interested and educated in the process of sourcing and making the drink, leading to the rapid rise of ‘third-wave’ (artisanal), Coffee shops, which have become ubiquitous features of hip districts in cities worldwide.

Melbourne, Australia

Market Lane Coffee, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne c/

Along with their Kiwi neighbours, Australia is credited with introducing the world to ‘third wave’ coffee culture, and Melbourne is undoubtedly the country’s coffee capital, and the drink is integral to the lifestyle of its residents.

It is often said that it's hard to find a bad coffee in the city, such is the quality of their cafes and proficiency of their Baristas, whilst the city also hosts the annual International Coffee Expo: one of the world’s largest, and most important events of its kind.

Where to go:

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters


Patricia Coffee Brewers

Market Lane Coffee

London, United Kingdom

Monmouth Coffee Borough Market, London

In the last decade and a half, London’s coffee scene has improved dramatically, thanks, in no small part to its considerable population of Aussies and Kiwis, who introduced, ‘third-wave’ coffee culture to the city.

Today, London’s coffee scene is one of the world’s best, boasting countless outstanding cafes, and a host of great roasteries, as well as the annual coffee festival, where the world’s best baristas showcase their skills.

Where to go:

Monmouth Coffee

Allpress Espresso

Omotesando Koffee

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Seoul, S. Korea

Anthracite Coffee Roasters ,Seoul

South Korea’s ultra-modern capital might seem like a surprising inclusion to the list, but it is home to a world-class, and rapidly growing coffee scene, encompassing an array of speciality coffee shops, many of whom roast their beans on site.

Where to go:

Unicus Coffee

Cure Coffee Bar

Anthracite Coffee Roasters

Coffee Nap Roasters

Wellington, New Zealand

Peoples Coffee Roaster, Wellington.

There is much debate as to whether the ‘Flat White’ was invented in Sydney or Wellington, but one thing is for sure, the Kiwi capital is a paradise for coffee-lovers.

Residents of this compact city are well-educated when it comes to coffee, and its myriad speciality cafes are staffed by some of the world’s best baristas who are meticulous in their preparation of the drink, whilst the numerous roasteries focus on sourcing the highest-quality, sustainably produced coffee beans from across the globe.

Where to go:

The Coffee Hangar

Peoples Coffee Roaster

Lamason Brew Bar

Pour and Twist

Tokyo, Japan

Onibus Coffee Nakameguro, Tokyo

Over the last decade Tokyo’s coffee scene has improved dramatically, and the Japanese capital now boasts a world-class scene, encompassing an array of outstanding, speciality coffee shops and roasters who combine ‘third-wave’ coffee culture, with Japanese traditions.

The choices on offer can often seem overwhelming for visitors, but Tokyo Coffee is a great resource for those looking to explore the city’s coffee scene.

Where to go:

Onibus Coffee Roasters

Cobi Coffee

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee

Koffee Mamey

Reykjavik, Iceland

Stofan Café, Reykjavik c/o

Iceland has the highest per-capita coffee consumption in the world, and its capital, despite being home to just over 120,000 people, punches well above its weight when it comes to coffee.

The city’s lack of international-chains has allowed independent, family-run cafes to flourish, and their quality is extremely high, thanks to the city’s close-knit community of quality-baristas who are in constant competition with one another.

Where to go:

Stofan Café

Kaffismiðja Islands

Kaffitár coffee

Reykjavík Röst

Berlin, Germany

Bonanza Coffee Roasters, Berlin

Although not traditionally renowned for its coffee scene, Berlin is fast becoming one of Europe’s best cities for the drink, with a host of excellent, ‘third wave’ coffee shops having opened in recent years, thanks in part, to the influx of Australian expats.

Where to go:

Bonanza Roastery, Kreuzberg

Silo Coffee

The Barn Roasters

Nothaft Cafe

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is renowned for its innovative gastronomic scene, but like the rest of their Scandinavian neighbours, Danes also love their coffee. Over the last fifteen years the stylish capital has seen a wave of artisanal coffee shops and roasters open up, staffed by some of the worlds best baristas, making the city a must visit for coffee lovers.

Where to go:

Coffee Collective

The Corner 108

Prolog Coffee Bar

Democratic Coffee


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