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Home away from home - The Norfolk Coast

The emergence and spread of Covid-19 has changed the lives of us Brits in many ways. Some of these changes have been for the better but some are most definitely for the worse. On the plus side, Brits can now safely cross the road to avoid conversation with “that neighbor” without fear of apprehension or social awkwardness.

Further, we have also avoided being dragged around that famous Swedish furniture store on a Saturday on the basis that, at the time of writing, it’s not open for business. However, Covid-19 has ultimately reduced the travel options available to those seeking a trip abroad to the same amount of UK personal income tax paid by Richard Branson in the last 14 years…zero.

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Therefore, as hopes of a trip abroad disappear down the drain like the many pints of tainted beer our pub landlords are throwing away in lockdown, now may be the time to consider taking a trip to a destination closer to home.

However, this article isn’t written about your back garden. This is because I’ve most probably never set foot in your back garden. However, if you are reading this and I have set foot in your back garden then it is lovely but regrettably not worthy of an article. This article is to provide you with an overview of one of the best holiday destinations England has to offer, the Norfolk coast.

Before we start, an admission or two from the author. I am sure that the Norfolk coast has plenty to offer all generations but this top five things to do in Norfolk article is based on my own experiences. As a dad with a young family, our world is more Balamory than Bouldering.

The main focus for us as a family is a fun, interactive learning experience with plenty of activities to tire the toddlers out. So if you have arrived here expecting the top five places to get hammered in Norfolk then you might be disappointed.

So having visited Norfolk many times during my life, here is a list of the top five things to see and do whilst you are there (in no particular order).

1. Take a trip to Eric’s

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Fish and chips and coastal towns go together like the relationship between panic buying and toilet roll did during the initial outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK.

There are plenty of fish and chip eateries across the Norfolk coast and this author admits he has not tried them all. However, his favourite is Eric’s Fish and Chips on the Coast Road.

Located in a nice little bazar of shops including the Drove Orchards Farm Shop it is a great place to stop off and take a look around before settling down to the best fish and chips on the Norfolk Coast. They also have battered Mars Bar on the menu for those of you missing Scottish delicacies during this lockdown.

2. Take a trip to Wells-next-the-Sea

Beach Huts

If you are looking for a clean, family friendly beach then you really are spoilt for choice across the Norfolk Coast. With beaches in Holkham, Brancaster and Sheringham all separated by mere miles on the Coast Road there is a different place to try each day regardless of where you have decided to set up camp for the week. However, the best beach in this author’s opinion is located in Wells-next-the-Sea.

More than a mere shelf beach with little space it really does offer a beautiful setting for building a sand castle or three. In terms of top tips, this author recommends parking in the Wells Beach Car Park to avoid the long walk from the quay to the beach. Make sure you get there before midday in peak summer as the spaces fill up quickly.

3. Take a trip to Snettisham Park Farm

If you are looking for a day out away from the lure of fish and chips on the coast then Snettisham Park Farm is well worth a visit. From bottle-feeding lambs to going on Deer Safari there really is something to keep toddlers entertained and perhaps learn something new yourself along the way.

There are also a number of walking trails for those wishing to take that extra step in tiring their toddlers out.

4. Take a trip on the Poppy Line

The Popy Line to Holt

The Poppy Line from Sheringham to Holt is one of the 5 great heritage lines in the UK. A restored heritage steam railway train transports passengers back to the great steam train journeys enjoyed by their ancestors. There is plenty to learn with remnants of history available to explore at each station along the route.

It certainly is a good day out for the toddlers to let off some steam whilst learning about the values in harnessing the energy created by steam!

5. Take a trip to the Largest Joke Shop in Britain (if not the World)

Largest Joke Shop in Britain

Located in Hunstanton, “World of Fun” proclaims to be the largest joke shop in Britain. Its walls are covered in fun, selling everything from magic tricks to masks. World of Fun also proclaims to have invented the Fart Spray in 1980 but apart from that accolade nothing stinks about this fine establishment!

Overall, there are plenty of things to do for all the family on the Norfolk coast. Perhaps you could start planning your trip today.


Ben Mabbott

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