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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For The Traveller In Your Life

As the nights draw darker, and the chill of Winter creeps it's way into our lives, the festive season begins and the streets begin to twinkle with Christmas lights. Summers ice cream cones have been replaced with a warm mince pie to warm your belly, but the annual dreaded query of "what am I supposed to get them?" begins to rear it's ugly head.

Thankfully, if you have someone in your life who lives to travel, then we have a list of gifts that will make you a Christmas legend, and leave other relatives to buy the generic socks and bath bomb bundles that seem to be mandatory this time of year.

Here Are Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Travellers!

1) WonderBoom 2 Speaker

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"The good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain". What is a pain however is finding yourself with a dazzling sunset poolside, with friends and cocktails, and be left with just 2 choices. Listen to nothing at all (what is a sunset without a soundtrack), or request a part time hotel DJ to play something in the hope the playlist isn't years out of date and stolen from a Now That's What I Call Music compilation CD.

Every sunset deserves a soundtrack, every journey deserves a jam. The best travel speaker to add some bass to the party is without doubt the WonderBoom. Water resistant and pocket friendly, paired with some roller-skates you're a club on wheels!

Price: ~£70

2) Leather Travel Diary

Traveling is said to broaden the mind, and keeping a travel diary with you is the most elegant way to keep your horizons broadened. Keeping a diary is proven to reduce stress, keep your memory sharp, strengthen emotional functions and even improve immune function! Plus when your memories fade as you age, wouldn't you want a crystal clear reminder, of where you were, who you was and how you felt? Immortalise your next adventure with this beautiful hand crafted leather travel diary.

Price: ~£20

3) Canon EOS 4000D DSLR Camera

If a picture says a thousand words, you can make a photo album filled with countless stories using this affordable yet high quality travel camera from Cannon. You can easily connect, shoot and share on the move and create outstanding photos and movies full of detail and colour with this easy to use 18 Megapixel DSLR.

Price: ~£300

4) 100 Adventures Poster

This high-quality poster is ideal for anyone that has a passion for adventure. It provides 100 of the most popular adventures worldwide, for you to scratch off when they've been completed. Not only is this an awesome wall piece gift for a loved one, it also helps you discover your next adventure. The Poster has a link for you to look at the adventures online, helping you with tips on how to book your trips, to tick things off your Bucket List.

Price: £14.99

5) World Scratch Map

This high-quality scratch map is an ideal gift for any passionate traveller. This stylish black map has gold scratch foil, with a plethora of colours that pop for each country beneath. Once scratched off the story of your travel history will be clear to see as the countries and cities you've explored are revealed. A no brainer of a gift for those who daydream about travelling.

Price: £10 - £15

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6) Authentic Leather Tanned Overnight Bag

The Bookitlist tanned leather and cream straps overnight bag is perfect for short trips away and adds a modern twist on a timeless classic. Carefully hand made by 3rd generation craftsmen, from the finest quality leather sourced from Jaipur, India. The cream wrap around webbing helps make this bespoke design extra durable. This gift guarantees the traveller in your life will travel in style.

Price: £89.95

7) World Push Pin Map

What makes this present for Christmas extra cool is you can pin it in and get into some hobby crafts there and then. It's not just something to look at.

This detailed push pin world map helps you connect the dots that tell the story of your travels thus far. It can make it's home above a fireplace, in your office, or in a bedroom. You can also customise it using different coloured pins and strings to add some unique flare to match your decor.

Price: £49.95

8) Travel Playing Cards

Be part of the travel club with this geniune leather playing card holder. Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one that has an unwavering passion for travelling, it can help airplane rides whizz by, or provide a little fun competition over a glass of red wine in the evening by the pool, there's always going to be a moment that calls for a pack of travel cards.

Price: £14.95

9) Mavic Drone 2

Every travel video you've seen in the past 12 months was probably teeming with gorgeous birds eye view shots, showcasing the scenery in an epic panorama. Wouldn't you like those lush shots to be part of your travel story? With 31 minutes flight time and hyper lapse shooting modes you'll be able to create staggering movie reels without an iota of experience in videography.

Price: ~£1,200

10) Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Travelling without noise cancelling headphones is like trying to read through a back catalogue of documents around 3 kids who have just come up on a sugar rush, you're asking to be bothered. Cut out the hustle and bustle, and curate your own soundtrack to your next adventure with astonishing sound quality packed into a lightweight and streamlined design. Audiophiles will weep at the acoustics from the plane ride to the beach.

Price: ~£300