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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Travellers

Everyone loves Christmas, but the festive spirit can be taken out of you when it comes to buying presents.

It can be difficult to find that perfect gift for someone who loves to see the world. After all, they’re often used to travelling around with few belongings and not much space. You don’t want to get them something bulky that they’ll have to leave behind the next time they head off on an adventure.

What you need is something small, handy and incredibly useful that they can use time and time again. But what exactly? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have not one, but ten, great gift ideas for any budding traveller, whatever age they may be.

Let’s dive right in

1. The Traveller’s Essential: The Rucksack

When you’re moving from place to place on a daily basis, your home becomes your bag. Everything you need has to fit in the space on your back, all tucked tightly away into a backpack. This means finding the perfect one is one of the most important things to do when preparing to head off on an adventure.

We’ve got the perfect rucksacks so you can give someone the ideal gift this Christmas. Depending on the person, why not choose from:

The medium option: This 65 litre bag has room for all the necessities.

The Berghaus Trailhead rucksack has tailored support meaning that it won’t rub and feel uncomfortable – an imperative feature for anyone going hundreds of miles. It has loads of pockets, including a separate area for wet clothing. It is also available in a variety of colours, so you can easily find the best one to suit the personality of whoever you want to give it to.

The large option: This 80 litre bag offers a little more space for those who want don’t want to leave anything behind.

The Osprey Farpoint travel rucksack makes packing up your life into a bag a breeze. Despite being so large, it is super lightweight and features a compression section that means you can reduce the size of the bag whenever you’re tight on space. Waterproof, durable and easy-on-the-eye, this bag will stick with its owner right to the end of their adventure.

2. BookitList Metal Water Bottle

Save the world whilst seeing it

If you love to travel the world, you often have its best interests at heart. After all, if you don’t work to preserve it, it may not be a very nice place to visit when you get to some areas of your list. The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed, the Great Barrier Reef is disappearing and the world’s core temperature is rising.

A refillable water bottle makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the world and exploring what it has to offer. This metal bottle is free of the material that is causing so much damage — plastic. It also looks stylish, is easily identifiable as yours, and makes staying hydrated a breeze.

This gift is perfect as a stocking filler. Alternatively, why not pair it with another item as the perfect Christmas gift to a loved one?

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3. Wonderboom

What makes life 10 times better? Music.

But when you’re roaming around, it can be quite isolating to have to put your earphones in to get a great soundtrack to your journey. After all, the best part of travelling is making new friends along the way.

This Wonderboom Bluetooth portable speaker is a great gift to help someone share the party. For such a small, compact stereo, it is surprisingly loud! It’s crisp, clear sound will be a joy to any gift-receiver’s ears.

With 360 sound, this device is fully waterproof, and even floats, so is ideal for all the unpredictable environments that travelling brings. So, help set a memorable beat to someone’s adventures with this nifty little speaker.

4. Passport Holder

The one thing you can be sure any traveller will be packing is their passport! This makes this smart passport case a guaranteed winner when it comes to choosing a gift.

Help keep their most precious item safe with this funky BookitList passport case. You’ll also stick in their minds every time they venture to a new country, and make it easy for them to spot their passport in their hand luggage. Not only will you take away the frustration of having to rummage around for their passport 20 times in every airport, but you’ll ensure their ticket around the world is safe and secure – a priceless gift.

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5. Travel Camera - GoPro

If you’re looking to spend a little more on finding the perfect gift, you can’t get much better than a GoPro camera.

One thing a keen traveller wants to do wherever they are is capture as much of the moment as possible. A GoPro is a small, yet powerful, camera which is built for action. Mobile, waterproof, and virtually indestructible, this camera is the perfect travelling companion. It allows you to record every second of your adventure and relive it all over again once the jet lag has worn off. Help someone keep hold of their fond travelling memories by buying them one of these fantastic cameras.

You have a variety of great options to choose from:

The latest GoPro, the Hero8, boasts a huge number of impressive features such as hyper-smooth stabilisation and built-in mounting.

Earlier models are still just as impressive even a little while after release: the Hero7 is a slightly more affordable edition which offers insanely smooth video quality. There’s also a MAX version that offers three cameras in one!

Whichever model you go for, you can be sure that you’ll make any travelling fan a very happy person on Christmas Day with one of these.

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6. Travel Diary

A lot of focus gets put on capturing the physical memories of travelling around the globe: photos of the tallest mountains, videos of jumping into the deepest seas. But what about the emotional experiences? The best way to remember a place is to record how it made you feel. Whether you’re ecstatic and bursting with happiness, or unsure and a little homesick, being able to read it all back in years to come is a priceless gift.

That’s what makes a travel diary a wonderful Christmas gift for someone about to embark on a trip. This diary has crisp, blank pages just waiting to be filled with stories. It’s also a nice idea to write a little note in the front pages as a warm reminder of home when they’re all those miles away from you.

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7. The BookitList Filter Water Bottle

A water bottle, and so much more!

When you’re travelling from place to place, a common annoyance is finding clean water to drink. Water quality differs from country to country and can easily upset even the strongest of stomachs. Nobody wants their trip ruined by dodgy water, but particularly in hotter climates, it’s important to stay hydrated.

The BookitList Filter Water Bottle is a quick and hassle-free way of carrying around fresh drinking water. These bottles hold up to 650ml and includes a compass in the lid so you’ll never get lost. The hollow fiber membrane inside removes 99.99% of aquatic bacteria and lets only clean water through its unique filter straw. The bottle has a 2-stage filtering process to purify the water; this means you can fill up your bottle from any lake or stream and get perfect drinking water every time.

Anyone who likes to head out on an adventure would love this as a gift as they’ll never have to worry about carrying large amounts of liquid with them ever again!

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8. SZROBOY Worldwide Travel Adapter

Charge your phone in over 200 countries!

Another major hassle when venturing from country to country is the fact plugs change. Wherever you go, you need to be able to charge your phone or plug in your electricals. Make this super easy for your loved one by purchasing them this handy travel adaptor.

This international, all-in-one adaptor has 3 USB ports and 4 types of plugs built-in. This allows you to charge items in over 200 countries! You can also charge up to 5 things at a time, all from this compact device. You even get a handy leather bag to store it in to keep it safe.

This is highly practical and helpful gift for anyone who is off around the globe. And it means they’ll be able to keep their phone charged up to let you know how they’re getting on wherever they are!

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9. The BookitList Card Holder

If you’re visiting a lot of different cities, rather than carrying loads of different currencies, many travellers opt for travel credit cards. They make it super easy to keep your money safe and only spend what you need. There’s also no faff of changing back notes and getting stung by exchange rates.

That’s why we’ve created the BookitList Card Holder – perfect to keep all these cards organised! Better yet, with loads of safe compartments, it’s easy to keep things secure and away from pickpockets.

Rather than copping out and giving someone money for Christmas, give them this luxury card holder. It will not only become an essential part of their travelling gear, but shows you’ve thought about what might help them when they’re off on their adventures.

10. Cable Travel Bag

With not a lot of space inside a rucksack, when you’re on the go you can find yourself shoving your wires and cables quickly into your bag. You then massively regret this later when things are a giant mess of knotted wires.

This cable travel bag helps keep things nice and organised. It’s a helpful, unusual gift for someone who seems to have everything. It’s also guaranteed to go down well as anyone who is off to see the world is sure to have a mass of gadgets packed to be able to capture every moment they experience.

This bag is not only the perfect size, but is designed specifically with travellers in mind. They can store everything from adapters and chargers to SD cards and large devices behind its handy mesh walls. Help keep valuables secure with this ideal travelling companion!

And there we have it, the BookitList’s top 10 perfect gifts for travellers this Christmas! Better yet, these ideas don’t just have to be saved for Christmas. Why not bookmark this page and come back next time you’re stuck for a birthday gift? Keep your eyes peeled for more ideas, and if you’re looking for inspiration of where to go on your next adventure, we have plenty of those to keep you occupied.