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Go To Malaysia

A mecca of cultural and environmental diversity with underrated food that would knock the socks off even the most ardent of food critics.

Go to Norway

Norway has natural beauty, tantalising fjords, stunning mountains and dazzling waterfalls and so much more. , there's many reasons to go to Norway

Go to Disneyland

Disney parks rank among the top-visited parks in the world with the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland consistently occupying the top two spots. In short, today Disney has been the undisputed leader on the theme park scene.

Go on Lord of the Rings Tour

Wouldn't you love to follow in Bilbo and Frodo's footsteps through Middle Earth? The Lord of the Rings Tours let you do just that! You can experience over 150 film locations, breathtaking landscapes, and the chance to re-enact your favourite moments from the films.

Go To Rome

Rome wasn't built in a day, and it's easy to see with all of it's ancient charm, historical roots and architectural marvels.

Go To South Africa

A diverse nation both in culture and in landscapes. From the bustling Cape Town in the shadow of Table mountain to wild Safari's, South Africa is one of a kind.

Go To Jamaica

Jamaica is a vibrant and kaleidoscopic paradise, where picture-perfect, palm-tree lined beaches merge with stunning turquoise waters

See Christ the Redeemer

Brazil’s statue of Christ is, for some, the ultimate religious symbol. For others, an irresistible tourist attraction. Its image is known the world over, but few know the story behind Cristo Redentor.