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See The Burj Khalifa

A freestanding skyscraper bigger than any other, the Burj Khalifa defies gravity.

Photo by Denis Harschi

The World’s Tallest Building

The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Due to its humongous size, it can be seen for miles around and is the centrepiece of the city. Standing at 829.8 metres high, the Burj also has the most levels and tallest elevator in the world too.

This record-breaker towers over the people of Dubai and offers some incredible panoramic views of the busy city below.

Why Visit The Burj Khalifa


There are three different observations levels to choose from when you venture up the Burj. Their names are a little misleading though as the first two are called ‘At The Top’ despite only being halfway up the building.

Above this, there is a luxury lounge called SKY which sits at 555 metres in the air. This is a pricey experience however at 500 AED (100 GBP) for just half an hour. Slots for sunset get booked up very quickly, so plan ahead if this is something that interests you.

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Stay In The Armani Hotel At The Burj Khalifa

Don't just admire this iconic building, stay inside it at the Georgio Armani suite! Ride up to the observation deck (the world's tallest) at a knee-shaking 555 metres. Then take things one step higher with the world's tallest lounge on floors 152-154! There is of course a selection of world class cuisines from Japanese to Indian and European classics.

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For most people just seeing the Burj Khalifa is considered a bookitlist item crossed off, but staying in it is another level of luxury and breathtaking views!

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Try and book well in advance, this is the world's MOST extravagant hotel in the world's most iconic building.

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The Burj Khalifa is the ninth most expensive building in the world costing a huge $4.1 billion.

Yes, there are over 900 luxury apartments inside the building. From studios to a giant penthouse, inhabitants have access to a gym, library, cigar club, market and much more. The 21,000 square foot penthouse costs a cool $27,770,000 to live there.

Burj Khalifa stands at an eye watering 828 metres (2716.5 feet) tall. Which is three times the size as the Eiffel Tower and almost twice the height as the Empire State Building. Staggering!

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