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Climb Kilimanjaro

The 3 volcanic cones of Kilimanjaro make for one of the world's most spectacular climbs.

Tanzania's Triple Volcanic Peaked Wonder

Despite its impressive height, you don’t have to be a highly trained and experienced hiker to scale Mount Kilimanjaro due to the accessibility of its numerous trails and lack of technical skill required to follow them.

However, this once in a lifetime experience does require planning, equipment and knowledge, and therefore you may prefer to go through an experienced tour operator rather than arrange everything yourself.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa's highest mountain is also the world's tallest freestanding. The snow capped summit stands above the Savannah in a surreal dichotomy of icy jagged edges and large arid planes.

This 15-day adventure has it all. The seven day climb, as well as five days in Serengeti in a remote village with the Masai. This tour really can be life changing.

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This is an iconic tour and if you can also tie in a trip to Serengeti then you are both completing an incredible challenge, and also seeing some of the most incredible examples of wildlife and nature in the world. They also offer alternative tour packages to suit you.

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Have you thought about raising money for charity for your climb? People have managed to raise millions for worthwhile causes from challenges such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Elevation: 5,895m (19,341 ft)

Seasons: January to March and June to October

Average time to summit: 7-9 days

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Yes you will most likely need visa and vaccinations. Vaccinations should include Hep A, Hep B, rabies, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, typhoid, and yellow fever.

It's not a particularly dangerous climb, but we still encourage you to take out insurance, even rolling your ankle can be a costly accident in overseas hospitals.

A steady base level fitness is required but you by no means have to be an athlete. You should do lots of walking before arriving, preferably on uneven terrain and uphill.

You will be given a brief and safety protocols upon arrival. You'll also be given an additional "acclimatisation day" during ascent.

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