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Complete The Rickshaw Run

Indian adventuring at its best, in a 7 horsepower cake tin on wheels.

Photo by The Adventurists

A Cross Country Race In A Glorified Lawnmower

If you like comfortable suspensions, air conditioning, and a vehicle that's more powerful than a remote controlled toy you'd buy for a child, then look away now. The Rickshaw Rally is a unique challenge, that changes raw physical output for a slice of humility and a journey like no other.

This "race" is not limited to a specific route, or number of days. You'll buy a cheap Rickshaw, be taught how to fix it if it breaks down, and then set off in a cross country expedition of epic proportions. If you breakdown you're the mechanic. If you're hungry, you're self appointed chef who needs to locate food, and if you're tired, it's time to speak to the locals and find a humble abode for the night. There's nothing quite like this.

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Rickshaw Run Indian Route

There's nothing quite like the original is there? Squash yourself and 2 mates into a rickshaw the size of a biscuit tin, then trundle your way through India's epic landscapes in search of a spicy adventure.

Oh and once you set off, you're on your own. Don't worry, the Indian people are famously warm and will give you sellotape and rubber bands to fix your lawnmower if it breaks down.

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The adventurists are the geniuses (and masochists) behind this epic charity race. There's only one place to go for this kind of adventure.

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Because not all bookitlist items should be full of pampering and luxury. Getting your hands dirty is the best way to appreciate a shower.

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Expect to get lost, expect for your rickshaw to break, expect the unexpected.

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