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Eat in an Underwater Restaurant

Submerge your senses in a culinary experience like no other.

Photo by Matt Helbig

The Culinary Cousin Of Scuba Diving

A meal with a view often evokes thoughts of Tuscan wine tasting or a Parisian pastry aside the Eiffel tower, but underwater hotels give an all new spin on the idea of the idyllic backdrop. Could there be a more fitting backdrop to fresh scallops than a coral with exotic fish?!

It's a growing theme to create more innovative and intriguing decors to dine in, but nothing can compete with mother nature. The dancing light of the sun, slicing through the currents above, highlighting the vast array of marine life that elegantly dance around your dinner table. A must bookitlist item for foodies.

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H2O by LAGO, Maldives

The Maldives are famous for overwater bungalows, but perhaps they should be famous for underwater restaurants like this! Luxurious but not pristine, the decor has a relaxed rustic edged feel with a panoramic 360 degree of the underwater tropics that surround the restaurant. It's most likely the most "submerged" feeling of the bookitlist recommended underwater dining experiences.

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H20's website is as beautiful as their restaurant and it's best to book with them directly.

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Be sure to order your favourite seafood, it'll bring the marine life even closer to your palette than the backdrop already does.

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Top Underwater Restaurants


Under, Norway
This restaurant actually isn't open yet, but will be the biggest under water restuarant in the world!
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Sea - Maldives
Walk from your glorious villa to the SEA restaurant for a reflective, mirrored effect dining experience with a marine life backdrop.
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Nowhere has the abundance of underwater restaurants that the Maldives do, but it's also a quiet, tropical honeymooners paradise.

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