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Visit an Igloo

Photo by Jon Garrison

The ultimate winter accommodation.

Meaning ‘Snow House’ in the native tongue of the Inuit people who first invented them, Igloos are a traditional form of accommodation that date back centuries, and though today.

They remain few in number, during the winter months, some of the world’s colder destinations offer you the chance to spend the night in one of these unique dwellings.

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Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel – Norway

The world’s northernmost igloo hotel, Sorrisniva is situated near the charming town of Alta in the remote northwest of the country, an area of spectacular natural beauty, home to vast fjords, rugged peaks and picturesque evergreen forests.
Constructed entirely from ice and snow, the hotel’s luxurious, igloos come complete with an ice carved bed and furniture, along with state of the art sleeping bags designed for the coldest of temperatures.

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Hotel Kakslauttanen - Finland
One of the most beautiful winter destinations on the planet, Lapland encompasses much of Finland’s far northern region and, as well as being the ‘official’.
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Igloo Village Balea Lac - Romania
Set high up in Romania’s beautiful Fagara Mountains, this unique ‘igloo village is reconstructed every year using blocks of ice from the largest glacial lake in the region, and, along with its igloos.
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Igloo Lodge - Greenland
The world’s largest and most sparsely-populated island, Greenland is a truly fascinating place, home to a wealth of beautiful and unspoilt landscapes peppered with hulking glaciers.
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Most traditional igloos are only open only during the winter months, usually from late November till the end of March. However, non-snow and ice built versions such as Borealis Basecamp and Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, open almost all year round.

We recommend one or two nights.

You should pack plenty of warm clothing, however, the hotel will provide sleeping bags and all other necessary equipment to ensure you are comfortable and warm during your stay.

Yes, most igloo hotels are situated in the far north where, depending on the time of year and weather conditions the Northern Lights are viewable.

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