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Go on a Cruise

Why limit yourself to one destination when you could stay in a 5 star hotel and float your way to a range of exotic far off locales.

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What is a cruise?

A cruise is basically like an all-inclusive holiday resort on the water. However, rather than seeing just one destination, you get to see several, because each day and night, the resort (the cruise ship) travels somewhere new.

So you get to enjoy the relaxation and ease of planning that comes with a resort holiday, whilst also enjoying several destinations when you stop at port – it's the best of both worlds.

Cruise ships now are getting bigger and better, accommodating more people, and having more activities on-board. From 5* restaurants, to luxury shops, to water sports, board games and organised competitions, most of the big cruise ships now have something for everyone.

Why do people go on a cruise?


Multiple destinations, free on-board entertainment and activities, all-inclusive meals – cruises are the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation and adventure.

There are some cruise ships that are great for people of all ages, and there are some cruise ships that are a little more specialised. For example, there are now Disney cruises, luxury cruises, gay cruises, and cruises tailored to specific interests like poker, music, even cats!

Whether you're someone who likes to relax and eat-all-you-can at the included buffet, or you'd rather be active and adventurous, cruises have got you covered. You can go shopping on-board, take part in organised activities, play sports on deck, watch evening entertainment and eat in fine-dining restaurants. And that's all before you've even got to your first port.

Once you arrive at a destination, you’ll be free to explore it for a set amount of time, or book an excursion, and once you’ve finished exploring and adventuring, you’ll have the comfort of the cruise ship to come back to. Cruises are also a great way to meet like-minded passengers, which makes them great for solo travellers as well as friends, couples and families.

Where To Go On A Cruise


Known as the mecca of white sand and 5 Star beaches, the sea cruising is also on another level in The Caribbean.
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From the French Riviera to the rustic charm of Tuscany, the Mediterranean makes for an unforgettable voyage.
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What is considered the backpacking centre of the world also has lots in store in it's ocean frontiers.
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our pick


Virgin Cruise Holidays Virgin Holidays

There's a lot of choice when it comes to destinations, resorts and the cruises themselves. Virgin break down their cruise and stay packages for you with a range of options from Fly cruise and stay, All-inclusive cruise and stay, Luxury cruise and stay and even Disney cruise and stay.

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Virgin Holidays offer a selection of Holidays from the Caribbean to South Africa and the Far East. A great option for Multi-Destination, Luxury, Family and Cruise Holidays with the option to add to your booking with any type of additional extras you may need.

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A cruise is the perfect opportunity to tick multiple destinations off your list; whilst relaxing in style. A floating 5 star hotel, waking up in a different destination every morning; it's pure bliss and something everyone needs to experience in their lifetime.

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Looking for the perfect route? For me, it would have to be the Carribean. With some many exotic islands you can visit in one trip, you can get a full Carribean experience. It's what cruise's were made for! Alternatively, check our other suggestions below.

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Popular locations to go on a cruise


Glacier Bay, Alaska
It might sound strange, but when you see Glacier Bay, you'll understand why it's so heavily protected. It's absolutely beautiful!
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Mediterranean Sea
A much warmer cruise destination is the Mediterranean. You'll get to see several European cities and islands, whilst soaking up the sun.
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Packed with untouched landscapes, from towering mountains, to crashing waterfalls, to icy blue fjords, it’s a picture perfect destination.
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Trip Essentials


  • Use Skyscanner to find the most convenient flight for the cheapest price.
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Tour Radar

  • Find and Book the Europe Cruise packages to suit your budget with Tour Radar.
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  • Make sure you're geared up for your trip with Amazon, your photos are going to be worth it.
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