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Go On A Foreign Cooking Class

Variety as they say is the spice of life, so expand your palette and taste some of the finer things life has to offer.

Cook Up A Storm

Nothing unites people like a good meal, so wherever you are in the world, picking up skills of the local cuisine is a way of taking a little piece of the place home with you. Your family and friends will thank you a lot more for a plate of authentic food than if you bring them back a crappy snowglobe. Make kimchi in Korea, pizza in Naples or Ratatouille in France, and never think of the food in the same way again.

Taking a foreign cooking class is a great way to meet new people, immerse yourself in the local culture and pick up some new tricks in the kitchen. Whether you fancy trying something completely new to your palette or want to perfect and an old favourite, learning from the best in their home country is a whole new ball game. A lot of classes include tours of the food markets so you can really experience the dish from start to finish.



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Discover The Art Of Fine French Cuisine

If you’re going to master a four-course meal, it's the French you want to follow. Learn about the traditions of their food, and the flavours that have made them famous the world over with this masterclass.

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Prepare an authentic meal under the guidance of a local chef, and then sit and enjoy it with your new friends around the dinner table. Discover which wines go best with the food, sample new cheeses and take your new skills home with you to woo your friends.

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If you want to get the most out of a foreign cooking class, a4-5 hour experience like this is the perfect amount way to really soak up all the expert knowledge.

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Make your evening a little more special by adding on a market visit before you begin cooking to sample all the fresh ingredients of that day.

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More Foreign Cooking Classes To Try



With so many different types of cuisine, there really is an option for every budget. If you’re after a one-off class whilst you visit a new country, you can get some pretty good deals from about £30. If you’re looking for a regular, professional course, you’ll pay a lot more.

If you’re after a hidden gem, take a look at classes which are based at small farms or B&Bs. They’re often family-run and focused on giving you a really personalised experience. They’re also often mini-holidays so get to spend a lot of time learning the cuisine.

Most foreign cooking classes are designed for tourists as the locals obviously already know the food. So, you’ll be able to pick things up easily and make friends with other people in the class. If this isn’t the case, the language will be made clear before you sign up.

If you’re allergic to something, take a good look at the course itinerary of what you’ll be cooking before you book. Also, be sure to tell the course instructor before you book and reiterate it when you arrive to be safe.

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