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Go To Cuba

Time capsules shouldn’t have expiration dates but with changes in the Cuban government you may have a limited time to truly discover it.

Photo by Alexander Kunze


There are surely only a few countries in the world with as much character.

Dilapidated but beautiful.
Harsh but welcoming.
Latino but Caribbean.
Fun but frustrating.
Financially poor but culturally rich.
Surrounded by politics.
Constantly thought provoking.
Nobody can tell you enough about this country, it has to be experienced.

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Cuban Rhythms: Fun & Sun Get your Guide

Mistaking Cuba for a nothing more than a pretty insta-worthy beach resort is utter madness. The island is awash with a soulful energy. Saunter through culture-soaked streets of Trinidad and Old Havana for your fill of rum and dancing (a perfect duo). Hit the beach and explore the outdoors, then connect with the locals in homestays and make friends for life as you hit the sites with other young people like yourself. Boring? Impossible!

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G Adventures have looked past the obvious azure water beauty of the beach and isolated the very soul of the Cuban community to put together this tour. It's the people and their endless lust for life that beams from every corner of the country. That's what is at the heart of thjis tour, soulful rhythms, spicy rum and genuine people with a warmth every bit as strong as the Caribbean suns.

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Cuba is often mistaken for a beach resort, and the real magic lays in wait from the rum bars and colourful shirt wearing locals who frequent them.

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Currency: Cuba operates a closed currency so you will have to wait until you arrive to get hold of your cash. Tourists use CUC while locals will use CUP, be sure you’re change is in the right currency.

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Things To Do



Keep tissues in your bag as not all public restrooms have it handy.

Between Dec-May is the best time to visit if you primary concern is the best possible weather. However Cuba is pleasant and warm year round, just avoid peak rainy season.

Cubans dress for the sun, so bring some light colours with you. White paints and a pink shirt might be a bit much back home, but you'll blend right in here.

Cuba Essentials


  • Skyscanner can get you to Havana, the recommended international airport for Cuba. They compare most major flights.
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World Nomads

  • Be covered when travelling off track. They offer simple and flexible travel insurance, designed by travellers for travellers.
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  • For you to find the best accommodation around your trip Cuba. They are our go to for accommodation of all budgets.
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