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Go To Dubrovnik

With historical depth and consistently antiquated feel in it's streets make Dubrovnik a must visit for culture vultures.

Photo by Spencer Davis

A Living, Breathing, UNESCO World Heritage Site

19 different stunning locations in Dubrovnik make it into the Game of Thrones television series, drawing countless fans to Croatia.

Dubrovnik’s sheer beauty was showcased in HBO’s Game of Thrones and Star Wars - which is more than enough reason for some. That said, there’s still so much more to take in. The Old Town is a grand building full of shops, restaurants and bars, the Rector Palace shows off its Gothic-renaissance architecture and the surrounding crystal-clear sea invites kayaking and exciting boat trips.

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Adventure Dubrovnik Sea Kayak Tour Viator

Venture beyond the footpaths and kayak to hidden places and gain a whole new perspective of Dubrovnik. This fun adventure allows you to paddle, snorkel and swim, it’s a fun activity that’ll get you off land and into the warm, crystal-blue water.

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Hosting countless exciting experiences to travellers across the world to make their trips ones they’ll never forget.

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Being out on the sea adds another dimension to your stay in Dubrovnik.

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Bring your swimming gear and a towel!

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If you enjoy a comfortably cool climate, the months between October and May will be the best time for you to visit Croatia. For those of you who want the sun beating down and high temperatures, July and August are the best months for you to visit Dubrovnik.

In August temperatures can reach 28 degrees.

4-5 days is enough time to take a stroll around the city, enjoy an excursion or two and enjoy the Croatian culture.

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