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A small South American gem with humbling highlands.

Photo by Chandler Hilken

A small South American gem with humbling highlands.

One of the most beautiful under-the-radar destinations in the world, Ecuador is home to the magnificent Andes mountains.

Amazonian rainforests, grand colonial cities and the enigmatic Galapagos Islands, the world’s most biodiverse archipelago.



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Galápagos Adventure: Snorkelling & Sea Lions Tour Radar

Beginning and ending in Quito, this trip encompasses a comprehensive tour of the spectacular Galapagos islands.

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TourRadar are an experienced team ofpassionate travellers who work with expert local operators to offer unique, professional tours in all corners of the globe.

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A great way to explore the bustling capital and the diverse wonders of the Galapagos islands in just 9 days whilst keeping it affordable.

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If possible, bring a waterproof or water resistant camera so you can try your hand at aquatic photography and catch a cheeky picture of the lizards and turtles submerged in the turquoise waters.

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There are no direct flights to Ecuador from the UK, but you can change in Amsterdam or Madrid, or a number of US cities including, Miami, Houston and Atlanta.

Late may till November is the driest period on the coast, whilst the highlands are more consistent for most of the year, with generally warm dry days and cold nights, apart from December-March which is slightly wetter. For the Galapagos islands the driest and warmest period is b/w December & May.

It’s possible to visit Quito and the Galapagos in 7 days, though if you want to see more of the country we recommend a minimum of 10.

UK citizens travelling for leisure do not require a visa to enter Ecuador and may remain in the country for 90 days.

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