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Celebrate Holi Festival

The world's most colourful celebration is a clash of vibrant pinks and piercing greens being tossed in powdered form throughout street parties across India.

Culprit Or Not You'll Be Caught Red Handed

Ancient temples of varying earthy tones are thrown into stark contrast with the rainbow coated streets of India as men women and children of all ages grab fistfuls of dyed powder and hurl vibrant smoke bombs of every hue imaginable at one another.

Commencing the morning after the Holika bonfire, vivid dry coloured solutions are added to an arsenal of water guns and water balloons filled with dyed liquids and once the first streak of shocking purple or neon green saturates the sky, no citizen is safe from the oncoming barrage of kaleidoscopic artillery.

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Where To Celebrate Holi Day

Mathura & Vrindavan
It's difficult to pin down where the most colourful festivities are in a festival built around colours, but the towns of Vrindavan and Mathura probably take the cake.
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Whilst being touted as a Catholic place in India, the vast majority of the residents are still Hindu and celebrating Holi is as compulsory as breathing oxygen.
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For the most urban, and densely packed pigment throwing sessions the cities of the Golden Triangle, and Jaipur, in particular, are a great choice.
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Festival of Colours - Holi With India Golden Triangle Tour & 2021

Festival of Colours - Holi With India Golden Triangle Tour & 2021

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Probably but I wouldn't count on it. It's better to wear a cheap white t-shirt and use it as a canvas, besides nobody will see your t-shirts design after 2 minutes of colour throwing anyway.

Absolutely not. Rest assured the colours will land everywhere in one way or another and with children joining in the fun, all of the powders are safe.

Thankfully Holiday is in the cooler months. With the size of the crowds and the amount of running and throwing you'll be doing you'll be thankful, it's not mid-summer.

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From Holiday To Holi-Day To Holy Hell What’s Happening Today (My Adventures In India)!

By Reece

  • 1 restaurant that redefines food
  • 3 hospitals
  • 5 neurologists
  • 15+ public parks
  • 20+ temples
  • 1,100km of road trips

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