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The world's largest archipelago is a paradise full natural beauty

A Few Words about Indonesia

The world's largest archipelago is home to over 250 million people and is quickly becoming THE place that springs to mind when one thinks of postcard sunsets on white powder beaches.

Nestled between South Asia and Australia Indonesia has an incredibly rich and diverse set of landscapes from the arid, sweltering stretches rife with Komodo Dragons, to marooned shipwrecks laying strewn on the ocean bed teeming with tropical fish and peculiar marine species.

Where to go in Indonesia


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Wellness Retreat G Adventures

Bali is a tropical world with enough islands and beauty to never see the same sunset twice. But it’s also the perfect place to find the beauty and serenity inside of yourself. Those who want to upgrade their wellbeing and take something with them that will positively impact their lives well after their return flight has landed should consider this tour.

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G Adventures are great at combining activities especially in destinations as far reaching as Bali.

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Bali’s beauty is obvious, but it’s one of the worlds best destinations to do yoga and meditation. The staggering natural serenity is the perfect backdrop for such a trip.

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Try some beginner meditation courses for free using Sam Harris “Waking Up” app prior to arriving, and if you’ve never tried yoga before you can try some beginner lessons in your hometown before arriving.

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Indonesia Essentials


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World Nomads

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