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Go To Krakow

With medieval streets, dreamy architecture and a bustling and vibrant atmosphere, Krakow has everything you need for a fully immersive city break.

Photo by Stephen Doyne

Why Go To Krakow

With medieval streets, dreamy architecture and a bustling and vibrant atmosphere, Krakow has everything you need for a fully immersive city break.

Although Krakow hasn’t been Poland’s political for nearly 500 years, this vibrant city stakes a pretty strong claim as its cultural one. With countless festivals, events, theatre, art and the rest, it’s not a city where you’ll find yourself lacking something to do.

But that’s not all, with some of Poland’s most picturesque mountains, historical sites and harrowing histories within a two-hour drive, you’ll leave Krakow vowing to return.

Where To Stay Krakow


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Visit the town of Zakopane for a million-dollar mountain view. Get your Guide

At the foot of the Tatra mountains in southern Poland, Zakopane is fames for its skiing, climbing and hiking. If you want the view without the sweat, ride the mountain railway to the peak of Mount Gubałówka for the incredible panoramic view.

On this full-day private tour, you’ll get a glimpse of the unique and artistic town of Zakopane and try a local cheese known as oscypek.

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GetYourGuide are a staple of quality tours across the world. Several of our own team have experienced and recommend this tour.

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Many who visit Krakow miss the natural beauty that fringes the city, and this is one of those excursions that somehow has not yet become on top of everyone's To Do list. Rest assured the insta-influencers will catch on eventually.

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Prepare to want to return. The fairy-tale town of Zakopane leaves its visitors wanting to come back for more. Take lots of photos and wear comfortable shoes!

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Things To Do In Krakow



You’ll need Polish Zloty in Krakow (not Euros). That said if you’ve travelled from another European country, you’ll be able to change your currency there. Or you can visit one of the city’s hundreds of ATMs.

Although Krakow has a wealth of public transport options, from buses to the picturesque trams which rattle through the town, most things are so close by that you’ll be able to walk.

With hundreds of bars and restaurants in the Old Town and Kazimierz, Krakow has a vibe to suit everyone. While some streets are very busy and noisy after dark, this isn’t the case across the whole city.

The staff in most bars and restaurants will speak English. If you get stuck elsewhere, Krakow has a large student population a lot of whom speak English and are often willing to help. It’s usual that if you’re stuck someone nearby will be able to help you.

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