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Go To Mardi Gras

Southern Louisiana Soul Music Meets A Masquerade Of Madness.

New Orleans Unique Lease On Life

In the packed streets of the French quarters, New Orleans explodes into a street party unlike any other the day before Ash Wednesday.

Despite the festival actually taking place across multiple cities, it's heart and soul belongs solely to New Orleans. The blues roots than run through it's veins, bleed from a cacophony of brass instruments during the festivities and cobbled French colonial streets are converted into quaint dance floors full of care-free dancing and bead exchanging.

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Mardi Gras Balcony Package

There are a bunch of awesome packages to choose from buy we recommend pinching yourself one with a balcony suite. That way you can see all the festival has to offer without being dragged downstream by the passing parade floats. You can choose hotel packages, opt for balcony suites, and stay along the parade route. Pick whatever floats your, well parade float.

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Not technically. It's a holiday like Easter or Christmas and can be celebrated anywhere. But the true heart of Mardi Gras is no doubt in New Orleans.

It always begins on January 6th but the ending date changes depending on when Easter Sunday falls.

The festival itself is free, just turn up with enough to spend on face paint, drinks and beads to ensure you're knee deep in the festivities.

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