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The enchanting markets of Marrakesh is a spiritual home for all those who love a bargain in a bazaar!

The vibrant gateway to Africa that has a hidden gem around ever corner.

Africa's gateway provides a huge breadth natural splendour that is perhaps overlooked thanks to tourists fascination with it's culinary exploits and handicrafts hidden among it's enormous bizarre.

Hikers and nature lovers can get their fill across copper sand dunes and the Atlas Mountain range, Africa's answer to the Himalayas. Culture vultures will be spoilt for choice with the ancient mosques, kaleidoscopically symmetrical Riad's and iconic antiquities. Foodies will be blown away by the age-old blend of Arabic spices and African culinary flare with zesty zalouk and Tagine's to die for. Morocco is so much more than bizarre bargains and shisha bars.

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9 Days: Casablanca To Marrakech G Adventures

Don't limit yourself to the Marrakesh Medina when visiting Morocco, see all of the countries rolling mountain ranges, quaint villages, splendid riads and enchanting deserts. You'll be guided through the hidden gems that Morocco so elegantly disguises under a bustle of street activities and chattering tea shops. Take 4x4's across the golden dunes of the desert and meet musicians, artisans and nomads as you absorb the unique North African sights and sounds that are unmistakably Morocco.

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G Adventures have aced this tour, with an intimate small group experience that covers the cedar trees of the Atlas Mountains and the human hive of activitiy in it's cultural capital. Make the most of this North African gem by seeing all it has to offer, and then capture yourself a souvenir worth it's weight in gold before setting off.

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Morocco has 4 key ports of call that you'd rue missing, this is the best way to see all 4 without any filler what so ever. 9 Days of action packed fun and cultural excursions that will leave you beaming.

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Bring clothes that are both comfortable and modest. Cotton pants and long dresses will do the trick.

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A visa is not required with a valid UK passport. You are able to travel without applying before arrival.

Rainy season occurs between November - March. For a cooler climate March - May is a more comfortable time to visit.

Morrocans are extremely warm and hospitable but there's a few pointers to consider so as not to offend them. Public displays of affection are ok if modest but smooching all over the marketplace isn't advisable. Also wear clothing that isn't overtly revealing such as crop tops or daisy duke shorts.

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