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Myanmar (otherwise known as Bhurma), has an otherworldly charm that cannot be captured through camera.

A few words about Myanmar

If you want to find one of the last true hidden gems of Southeast Asia then Myanmar is a no brainer.

Unique, ordained with a gorgeous antiquity and a surprising amount of activities make this an eye opening experience for culture vultures of all ages. Where else can you fuse the ancient temple feels of Cambodia with the awe inspiring hot air balloon sunsets of Cappadocia!

Places to go in Myanmar


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Sunset Hot Air Balloons Over Bagan Viator

Cambodia is known for ethereal ancient temples that capture the imagination. Cappadocia (Turkey) is world famous for it’s stunning hot air balloon festival. Bagan is the secret jewel of Southeast Asia that fuses elements of both to take your breath away. Truly unforgettable.

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Recognised by Viator for their outstanding achievement and quality, BallonsOverBagan are the cream of the crop for helping tourists make the most of this spectacular experience. Their customer support is excellent and the attention and care in every package makes it all worthwhile.

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There’s genuinely nothing quite like this on Earth. Moss coated temples straight out of a fantasy novel provide a history and texture to the experience. The natural splendor of the region works in perfect harmony as a backdrop to the hot air balloons that help light up the skies.

Not to mention the added advantage that gently floating through the sky gives you an unhindered vantage point to take it all in... You CANNOT miss this when visiting Burma.

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Try and make time to shop for a local Sarong called a “longyi” prior to visiting. Also a shoe bag wouldn’t go a miss so you can experience it barefoot as the locals would.

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Things To Do In Myanmar


Myanmar Essentials


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