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"The Greatest Show On Earth" is a colourful explosion of Latin music and bombastic costumes.

Photo by Quinten de Graaf

Brazil's Soulful Samba Spirit

"The Greatest Show On Earth" Rio Carnival takes place in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday. A kaleidoscopic samba march that leads to the epic Sambodromo, an 80,000 seat stadium designed to host 5,000 eccentrically costumed samba specialists serenading the crowd.

The trumpets and drums echo through the stadium and brim over to the surrounding Rio streets. The costumes are as loud as the music, inspired by European masquerades of years gone by the peacock like plumes are as integral to the carnival experience as drunk dancing with strangers.

'Blocos' arrange the street parties, and street parties are the samba heartbeat of the carnival. A stunning 5 million people pour onto the streets each year in a free loving, LGBTQ+ friendly fiesta of fun!

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6 Days Rio Carnival Samba Serenade Tour Radar

Don't just flutter through the street parties and wind your hips with south american strangers, see the best that Rio has to offer with this incredible 6 day package. Visit the most famous Samba club in rio, take in one of the 7 wonders of the world at Christ the Redeemer, and zip up to Sugarloaf Mountain!

Then find your seat in the Sambodrome and drink in the festivities... and the alcohol!

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Tour Radar have put together a killer itinerary that crams in all of the famous sites of Rio, without skipping any of the party essentials that come with carnival season.

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Rio is one of the most eclectic and artistic places on Earth, and ticking off the world's most famous carnival and one of the 7 wonders in under a week is impressive bookitlist going.

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Drink plenty of water to prevent the hangovers getting too bad, and leave your valuables in a safe place at your accommodation. You only need an appetite for fun and enough energy to dance to make the most of Rio Carnival.

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Dance To The Sound Of Your Own Drum

We believe in not only ticking off the coolest bookitlist experiences, but making sure your travels are made unique for YOU. We've got a team of travel experts that will help you design your own adventure to dance along to from bespoke itineraries to unique accommodation.

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If you're a U.K citizen then you don't need a visa to enter Brazil. For other nationalities please consult your consulate.

As with all long haul flights, travel insurance is recommended.

There is a guide that will shown you around to the key landmarks and activities, and also give some general advice about how to make the most of the experience.

Transport between activities, to the Sambodromo for example are all included.

More Things To Do In Brazil

Rio is world's most ethnically and perhaps culturally diverse place on Earth. The Rio Carnival is the crown jewel, but there are many other things to do here.

Guide To Brazil

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