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Go To South Korea

Home of E-Sports, PC Bangs, couture fashion and kimchi. Korea's a modern tech hub with a neon nightlife to match.

A few words about South Korea

There’s more to this cutting edge metropolitan than slurping noodles and dancing Gangnam style!

From historical roams around the coast of Busan to ancient temples hosting magnificent lantern festivals, South Korea offers a beautiful dichotomy of slick, fast paced city streets and rural towns with antique architecture.

Best suited for young vibrant adults with the energy to try a bit of everything!

Where To Go In South Korea


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8 Days - Uplift Your Seoul

South Korea is one of the slickest, most modern and eclectic countries in the world. Everything is authentic and unique, the fashion, the food, the temples and the language coalesce to make an incredibly distinct experience. See the highlights from the capital of Seoul such as the ancient village of Hanok Village and the plethora of Korean temples. Then head to the coastal city of Busan, visiting historical fish markets and sampling the fine seaside Korean BBQ's and artsy nightlife.

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G Adventures have put together a great package that combines the tech savvy slick edges of Seoul and the ornate coastal charm of Busan.

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Most people visit Seoul for it's glittering neon nights and crisp aired mornings, but by adding Busan Korea's 2nd city to the mix it creates an experience great than the sum of it's parts.

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Learn a few Korean words, it's relatively easy and will be much appreciated by the locals.

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Things To Do



For people flying long haul one week is the minimum we'd recommend but 10 days to 2 weeks is ideal in our opinion.

South Korea is not a country that depends on it's weather. The snow suits it's crisp architectural edges and it's Summer provides added beauty to Busan and Jeju island. If you need the sun come between March-May for the pink blossoms, if you prefer it mild then come between September to November.

The train system in South Korea is fantastic and incredibly affordable. All of the signs have an English translation and a weekly or monthly card similar to an Oyster card, can be topped up and used throughout your stay.

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