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Southwest of Sri-Lanka and India, approx 1000km of the continent of Asia lies the sovereign state of the Maldives.

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An Archipelago That Redefines Luxury

Southwest of Sri-Lanka and India, approx 1000km of the continent of Asia lies the sovereign state of the Maldives.

The smallest Asian country by land, delivers perhaps the most spectacular array of pristine beaches, ethereal corals and uncrowded resorts the world over. Thanks to it having the lowest altitude of any country on Earth, the temperature is hot year round. Nowhere else can boast the privacy and barefoot splendour in equal measures quite like here.

Where To Stay In The Maldives


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Kudadoo Maldives Private Island – Luxury All inclusive Booking.com

For true decadence, there's simply no competition.

Yuki Yamasaki (renowned architect) designed Kudadoo in light of traditional Japanese architecture. This intimate 30,000sq meter island - hosts a wine cellar, cheese room, bar, games room, swimming pool and spa! To truly treat someone special in your life, this is one of the most luxurious destinations imaginable.

Anything you need, just hand your request to your 24hr personal butler and they’ll ensure your every need is catered to!

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Booking.com are the world's premier site for accommodation on all 7 continents. Their selection in the Maldives is unparalleled.

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The Maldives are a unique slice of paradise that are specifically designed and geographically formed to cater to luxury and privacy. That's why we implore you to make the absolute most of it with the best the country has to offer.

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Bring any products such as sun lotion and books along with you, you're in for pure serenity not shopping for necessities.

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Things To Do In The Maldives



Despite being famous for it's romantic getaways it's also a fantastic place to take the family. With child friendly resorts, tours, snorkeling safari adventures and more, they'll be sure to remember it for a lifetime.

No visas are required if you're travelling to the country for less than 30 days.

If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a sim on arrival and use it just as you would back home. So everyone will be jealous of your instagram the second you're settled.

Maldives Essentials


  • Skyscanner can get you to Malé, the recommended international airport for Maldives. They compare most major flights.
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World Nomads

  • Be covered when travelling off track. They offer simple and flexible travel insurance, designed by travellers for travellers.
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  • Booking.com provide you with a luxurious choice of accommodation options to suite your trip of a lifetime to The Maldives.
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