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Go Volcano Boarding

One of the most unique and exhilarating activities on the planet, Volcano boarding involves sliding down the ash-carpeted slopes of an active volcano on a thin wood or metal board at truly breathtaking speeds!

Although the activity is thought to have been invented on Vanuatu’s Mt Yasur less than twenty years ago, today, the beautiful Central American country of Nicaragua is the world’s primary volcano boarding destination, and one of the only places on earth where the activity can be safely practiced.

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Situated some 25KM north of Leon, Nicaragua’s second city, the striking, ash-covered Cerro Negro is one of the youngest and most active volcanoes in Central America, having erupted every few decades since it was first formed some 160 years ago. Considered the finest volcano-boarding destination on the planet, the 728m-tall volcano offers the perfect conditions for the activity, with consistent surfaces, strong, steady winds, steep slopes and truly breathtaking views from its summit.

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As well as the board, the Tour operator will provide all protective clothing, gloves and eyewear. However, in order to protect your feet, it is vital you wear closed-toed shoes which are suitable for hiking.

Although volcano boarding can be dangerous, as long as you follow your instructor’s safety guidelines you will be fine.

Nicaragua is generally very warm and sunny, so sunglasses, a sun-hat, suncream and plenty of water are essential.

The nearby city of Leon is reachable from Managua Airport by bus, private shuttle or taxi in around two hours.

Volcano boarding on Cerro Negro is a year round activity, however, if you want to avoid the rain, you should visit between December and March.

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