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Peruse A Red Light District

The scarlet lights and sinful atmosphere are an incandescent allure to tourists of all kinds.

An Open Expression Of Sexuality & Hedonism

What was once considered a seedy sideshow in the inner cities of Europe, has now become a much safer, better understood and more inclusive place where people can express themselves in various manners without threat of judgement.

Not only is tourism growing for Red Light Districts as people visit to see the X-rated shows and perhaps step into the threshold of a lady (or gentleman) of the night, but it’s become an increasingly safe and regulated affair.

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De Wallen, Amsterdam

Red Light District tourism is a growing sector and De Wallen in Amsterdam welcomes approx 17.4 Million visitors a year. Burlesque shows, cannabis scented coffee shops and quaint cobbled streets make De Wallen a distinct, and unquestionable cool place to visit.

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The Red Light district in Amsterdam is an essential part of the cities identity and has some fantastic bars, cafes and eateries to enjoy outside of the more sordid entertainment.

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In some parts of the world yes. Statistics in studies across Europe and other places have shown that prostitution being legalised lowers crime rates, and other negative statistics that are usually related to the sex trade.

No. Whilst the initial allure of a red light districts is the sex trade, there's often an eclectic range of things to do and see in red light districts.

Much safer than the alternatives. Amsterdam's red light district for instance is incredibly well monitored, tracked, all workers are registered and tested on a regular basis. Red light districts are no more dangerous than other drinking areas in inner cities.

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