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Ride a Zipline

If you're one for thrills but don't quite have the will to jump out of a plane or off a bridge, ziplining can give you your adrenaline buzz without such a precarious proposition.

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It has been called the nearest thing to flying!

Zip lines are fast and exciting ways to get your next adrenaline fix. With many around the world, you are able to travel at high speeds from mountains, through forests, and looking over lakes.

Walking down mountains can be fun for sure, but can they get you as pumped up as "flying" down a zip-line at up to 100mph??

In the past they were used in early history by people living in the Alps and Himalayas as a means for transport through treacherous terrain and an efficient way to transport supplies.

Some of the most electrifying zip lines on the planet not only offer a large kick of adrenaline but also stunning views that you will remember for a life time.

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The fastest zip line in the world and longest in Europe. ZIP WORLD

Velocity in Snowdonia, Wales is the longest zip line in Europe and in the right conditions the fastest on the planet with tops speeds exceeding 100mph (160km/h).

Once you enter the drop zone there’s no going back… descending 1560m and reaching speeds of 165km/h there’s no doubt Velocity is up there with the best zip lines experiences the world has to offer.

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ZIPWorld opened in 2013 and has become a huge attraction for children and adults alike. They have built up the area to have a range of things to do including an underground trampoline park, caverns, and a toboggan run though a forest.

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To make a good zipline you need speed and also a good view, and this has both. ZIPWorld's ability to make the area have more than just the zipline also make this the perfect place to to, to get your adrenaline kick.

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Supervision Ratio: 1 participating adult for every 3 participating children
Age: Min 10yr

Height: Min 120cm (4ft)/Max 210cm (7ft)

Weight: Min 30kg/Max 120kg

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Other great Zip Lines


Queenstown, New Zealand
Ziptrek Ecotours features several tree to tree zip experiences on Gondola Hill Queenstown, the adventure and adrenaline capital.
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Kathmandu, Nepal
This ZipFlyer is one to tell your grandchildren about… taking you on a 5,905 feet journey, at speeds above 70 mph… oh and not to mention a 2,000 foot vertical drop!!
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Lake Tahoe, California
The Heavenly Ski resort next to Lake Tahoe hosts a number of zip lines and activities including the ‘Heavenly Zip Line’.
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Zipline Resources

Virgin Experience Days
  • Virgin Experience Days provides many UK options for riding a Zipline.
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Get your Guide

  • Choose a zipline tour with Get Your Guide, who provide options for the most popular in the world.
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  • Viator users can also find options from a choice of the most popular in the world.
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World Nomads

  • Provides insurance including adventure activities. Which is wise if you're an adrenaline junkie
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