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See Angkor Wat

The only temple deemed sacred (and beautiful) enough to be placed on the national flag of it's country.

Photo by Vicky Tao

Cambodia’s Most Iconic Temple

Angkor Wat is a Buddhist temple found in Northern Cambodia. It is the biggest religious monument in the world and its name translates to mean “temple city”. This temple is the beating heart of Cambodia and means a lot to its people.

Over 2 million people see Angkor Wat every year, experiencing the sacred temple in all its natural glory. It is full of surprises: from the decorative detail to the sheer amount of things to uncover. When given its World Heritage Site status, it was said to be the “most remarkable architectural and artistic accomplishment of the ancient world.”

Why visit Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat is actually just one of the hundreds of temples you can see at this archaeological park. There’s plenty to keep you busy for an entire day. Highlights include ‘Bayon’ and ‘Ta Prohm’ which are located on the most popular route around the site.

This is a place full of hidden gems and secret spots – get yourself there to experience the magic that crackles in the air.

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Sunrise can be a great time to see Angkor Wat, so set your alarm early.

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The Angkor empire’s downfall had long remained unknown. Now, researchers think that intense moon rains after a long drought caused irreparable damage to the city’s structures and lead to its collapse.

A one-day pass is $37 and there are longer passes available if you wish to come back on consecutive days.

The temple was built in the early 12th century and was dedicated to the Hindu deity Vishnu.

More To Do In Cambodia

Picture perfect islands, a rich tapestry of temples and jungles that host some of the rarest species of animal on the planet.


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