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A Tribe

From the savannahs of eastern Africa to the biodiverse jungles of the Amazon or the remote and rugged islands of the South Pacific.

our planet is home to a diversity of indigenous groups who, against all odds, have retained many of their traditions, customs, and ways of life. An increasingly popular activity for the inquisitive traveler, there are few more culturally-rich experiences than visiting and spending time with these communities to learn about, and taking part in, their centuries-old cultural rituals, routines, and practices.

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Africa’s best-known indigenous ethnic group the Maasai people have lived in Tanzania and Kenya for centuries, and to this day have retained much of their traditional practices and way of life. Encompassing some 1500 sq km of southern Kenya, The Maasai Mara National Reserve (which is named after the group) is renowned for its diversity of wildlife and is also home to myriad traditional Masaai villages, where visitors can learn about the group’s traditions and cultures and witness the famous Adumu ‘jumping dance’.

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Peru is a beautiful and fascinating place synonymous with Andean peaks, and ancient Incan cities, and it also boasts one of the most biodiverse sections of the Amazon rainforest.
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Although the Ecuadorian Amazon only accounts for around 2% of its total mass.
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One of Africa’s oldest indigenous groups, The San, or as they’re sometimes known ‘The Bushmen’, share a deep connection with the lands of Southern Africa.
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Synonymous with the Amazon, Brazil is home to over 60 percent of the rainforest.
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