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Walk on a Glacier

Something that not many people say they have done, you can walk on a Glacier in some of the most spectacular places in the world.

Photo by Davide Cantelli

Walking on glaciers is cool, in more ways than one.

The adventure of walking on ice is quite incredible.

Glaciers are formed when snowfalls in mountainous or polar regions turn into ice. Throughout summer it doesn't completely melt, and so they add more ice each year on top of old ice. They are so powerful they can change the shape of valleys.

They can often be surrounded by incredible landscapes, and look beautiful themselves too. Taking a walk over glaciers is one of the coolest adventures on the list.

Where To Hike On A Glacier


Glacier Grey - Chile
The W-Route hike in Torres del Paine is a noteworthy bookitlist item by itself, the glacier hike takes it to the next level.
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Vatnajokull Ice Cave Excursion Extreme Iceland

Between November and March each year, you're able to do something that most people will never get the beauty of. This tour not only enables you to hike on Europes largest glacier, but you will also be able to take a look INSIDE the Vatnajokull glacier and view its mesmerising beauty.

The trip lasts 6 hours, so a basic level of fitness is required. As long as you pass that though be ready to be hypnotised from exploring the ice cave, and see incredible views from on the glacier.

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Extreme Iceland are a fully licensed tour operator and travel agency based entirely in Iceland. Providing local knowledge and experience through a strong team of guides, they service tours around the country.

Tours include hiking, whale watching, food and boat tours. They are travel agency authorised by the Icelandic Tourist Board.

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This pick is because this is the largest in Europe, and an incredible tour. The location also helps you manage to tick a few things off your list while in Iceland such as watching the Northern Lights, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, or going Whale Watching.

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To complete this you must be well prepared for the adventure. Ensure you have purchased some good hiking boots as well as hiking clothing. Also practice and wear in your boots before going. You don't want to ruin the experience by complaining about blisters.

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Other Gorgeous Glaciers To Hike


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We believe in making every trip personal. If you'd like to create your own custom hiking experience, or any experience that matter we can help design a unique one of a kind trip that includes anything from skydiving to ancient temple touring... because your story matters.

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Glacier Resources

Extreme Iceland

  • Hike on Europes largest glacier, and you will be able to take a look INSIDE the Vatnajokull glacier.
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